Proof of payments

When you top up your cinvio balance, you receive an email with a "proof of payment". This is a document that confirms and proves that you have loaded money to your cinvio wallet. You are topping up, not purchasing, so this is NOT an invoice. You will see that there is no VAT fee either. 

All you need to do with the proof of payment is book it against your balance sheet.



You will receive one invoice for each service provider (SP) you purchased services from, each month.  So, if you have purchased 10 services from SP1, 3 services from SP2, and 33 services from SP3, at the end of the month you will receive 3 invoices. 

Of course, you have already paid for these services, so the invoice has already been paid for. All you need to do with the invoice is set it off against the outstanding cinvio amount on your balance sheet. This invoice includes the exact VAT details for a correct VAT declaration. 

Transactions - details

If you would like to see which transactions or paid services are included in a particular invoice, or you simply need an overview of all the transactions carried out in a particular period of time, you can do this in 3 clicks:

1. Log in

2. Go to "Transactions" in the menu on the left

3. Select your search criteria and click on "download as CSV"

cinvio and your VAT declaration

cinvio vouchers MUST NOT be included in the VAT return as they are defined as Multi-purpose Vouchers*, which means that you can use them for different service providers in each EU Member State to pay for different services. What you MUST include in the VAT return are the monthly invoices you receive from cinvio service providers.



*A Multi-purpose Voucher (MPV) is a voucher representing an amount of money that has not yet been assigned to any product or service. It is a financial concept only applicable in the European Union, so the service can only be settled with MPVs in a member state of the European Union. 

More information can be found in Circular 2018 / C / 127 regarding the VAT treatment of vouchers.