cinvio is a payment platform, that's right. In order to pay for services we offer you a digital wallet. Just as with your daily shopping, you need to have money in your wallet in order to pay for what you want to purchase. This is how you load or top up your cinvio wallet:

1. Log into cinvio. The first page you see is the dashboard, which immediately offers you several pre-set amounts you might want to load your wallet with. Then, click on the "top up your balance" button. 

If you want to set the amount yourself, click on the PLUS sign... 

2. Choose from the many payment methods. Remember! If you choose to top up your wallet using SEPA (wire transfer), it will take a few days for the amount to become visible in your wallet. So, if you are in a rush and need to use your wallet ASAP, you should choose for an online payment option like credit card or mobile.

3. Clicking on a payment method will take you to the corresponding screen. For example, if you select Bancontact you will be lead to this page:

4. Have received a confirmation message from the payment provider? Have you received a proof of payment from us? Then you have successfully topped up your wallet!