Now you're all ready to start paying. You need to let your service providers know you have a cinvio wallet, and that you want to use it to pay for the services they offer through cinvio. This is what we call "pairing". It's allowing your cinvio wallet to be used on your service provider's platform, and allowing your service provider's platform to access your cinvio wallet. A match!

So, how do you pair? You can pair from either side of the counter. But, you will need less clicks if you start from the service provider's platform. Nevertheless, here's how to pair from the cinvio side:

1. Log into cinvio and click on Service Providers in the menu on the left. Select the service provider you want to pair with. 

cinvio shows you the steps you still need to complete. You might need to top up your wallet, or pair with the service provider. Let's pair...

2. Click on "Pair your cinvio account"

3. This will take you to the service provider's platform. Log in to the platform.

4. On the service provider's platform...

Now you are on the service provider's platform. Look for the "pair with cinvio" or "pair" button. Click on it to initiate the pairing process. 

5. You have initiated the pairing process. You will be asked to log into cinvio and you will be lead to the pairing authorisation window. Click on "authorise" to pair.

6. Congratulations! You are now paired with your service provider and can start requesting and paying for the services you need.